Oliver Wilde is a men's apparel brand that is made locally in the Bay Area. The brand features original artwork on all designs, and styles that are up to date with current trends. Since the brand was created from the ground-up, I took on all roles. Along with business partners, I created the majority of the artwork, and art directed everything else. 

The brand has done well, selling over 1,000 shirts in a two year span. Items sold consist of t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, and accessories. We have worked with a variety of mediums, and each has proved to hold a valuable challenge and lesson. Along with an online storefront and social media presence, another important part of growing the brand has been attending local conventions and street fairs, where we get the chance to meet and interact with our customers face to face.



Oliver Wilde

Owner, Art Direction, Photography, UX/UI, Visual Design, Social Media Marketing, Front-end HTML/CSS

To create a locally made apparel brand for men, using original artwork and creative marketing strategies.