Introducing the Koober app concept.

In case you were wondering, koober is just 'rebook' spelled backwards. I chose this name because that is exactly what this app will help you do. It will painlessly handle the hassle of rebooking delayed or canceled flights, and find you a place to stay, should you end up stranded.

For this concept, I chose a very bright and colorful palette. Because an airport situation with a delayed or canceled flight can be very stressful, the koober app was designed to be a pleasant experience. This allows you to focus on the things that are really important, instead of waiting in airport lines or on hold for who knows how long. 

The app itself is simple. After being notified of the flight inconvenience, simple begin searching new flights with just a few taps. A simple, bold, and intuitive interface guides users through this very streamlined process. As the user moves through the app flow, they are guided by icon animations, as well as some shape animations (sorry, no animated examples!), which make it very clear what the next steps are.

Color palette uses friendly, calming colors, to contrast high-stress rebooking.

Color palette uses friendly, calming colors, to contrast high-stress rebooking.


Since the app focuses on being a concierge type of service for travelers, I thought the symbol of a concierge bell worked perfectly. Combining with the iconic flight wings commonly used in aviation, the koober logo is serious about booking your travel.


I wanted the app to be incredibly simple to use, and packed with beautiful UI and content to keep users feeling like even when they are stranded across the country in an airport, that they can count on koober to help get them home. By using a timeline-style graphic element, the idea of moving from point A to point B is simple, and illustrated right in front of you. This makes it very easy to read flight details. This becomes especially important when flights might have one or more connecting flights. Being in an airport for the first time can make the experience of finding your way, a troubling one.

During my explorations, I struggled with how to include an ad module, or up-selling module, that didnt exactly fit with the rest of the UI. Ads dont always offer a ton of flexibility when it comes to placing them on a site or within an app, so it was important to keep the ads very minimal, in order to not distract the user.


In a situation like a blizzard or other storm, hundreds of thousands of travelers can be displaced at once. Koober becomes even more useful to travelers trying to find a way home, as it provides a list of nearby lodging and hotel deals. By simultaneously searching vacancies while the user searches for flights, the app shines as it suggests hotel offers just as the user is finishing booking their flight.


Here is a detailed look at some of the screens of the app. The idea was to keep the app big, bold, and very easy to use. There is nothing more frustrating than a frustrating app experience, while trying to find your way home.


Here are some sketches of the concept. I always begin with sketching, as it helps me do some rapid problem solving. I am able to quickly make design decisions on paper, long before the digital process begins. Some challenges faced during this project were how to keep the app simple, without going overboard on features and flashy UI, along with finding a way to make an app that can be easily marketed at the end of the day.


Thank you for your time and consideration!