As a Senior Visual Designer, I was often responsible for any emails related to a campaign.  marketing emails were sent out 1-2 times per week, which led to a rapid evolution of the em This usually meant that at any given time, there was at least one email campaign that I was working on. During my time at StubHub, the creative team was limited to using only generic, non-licensed images. This meant that with almost every campaign, key art needed to be created, based on the content of the email. Another limitation was the lockup copy, with orange bars on top and bottom. Although it is a signature design element for the StubHub brand, it usually required working closely with the copywriter to ensure that the copy in the lockup made sense, and of course, looked good.

All emails were deployed using Responsys software. Along with keeping the emails in a modular format, the emails were also optimized for mobile. These tactics allowed for easy A/B testing, versioning, and advanced data metrics regarding the performance of all emails.



UX/UI, Visual Design

To effectively research, test, and design marketing emails using the StubHub brand or campaign look and feel as guidelines. Using the Responsys' Cross-Channel Marketing Solution, emails were optimized for A/B testing to drive customer retention.